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Kutani Ikko 4 Part 2: Shunga Ten

For this section, I have to give a shout out to Fujikawa Koukaen apprentice and friend Dario Mader, who took excellent photos of this display of fantastic Kutani Ikko containers at this years Shunga Ten show and shared them with … Continue reading

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Kutani Ikko 4, part 1

This will be a two part post,  there are just too many images for a single article.   To see the previous posts on Kutani Ikko, with his background and history, follow this link: Kutani Ikko 1-3          … Continue reading

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Kutani Ikko 3

There are several contemporary painters of Bonsai pottery whose works are celebrated and lauded, and rightfully so: Itou Gekkou, Fujikake Yuzan, and Tsukinowa Shousen, just to name a few. But, to my eye, no painter quite comes close to the … Continue reading

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Kutani Ikkou part 2(or, The Best Co-op Ever!)

Okay, so maybe “The Best Co-op Ever!” is a bit of hyperbole. But, when I saw this two pot set from two of my favorite artists, I almost fainted dead away. The two pot set, and the signature and stamp … Continue reading

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Kutani Ikko(久谷一向)

I haven’t been able to find much biographical information on Kutani Ikko, but it seems no one else has any either, either in the West or in Japan! But, I have a little information, so here goes. His given name … Continue reading

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Kutani Aritomo

Kutani Aritomo was born in Hokkaido in 1984, making him 31 years old this year.   Once we take a look at his work, you’ll see that that is very relevant. Aritomo earned degrees from the Hokkaido University of Education … Continue reading

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Kutani Painters and Potters

So, I admit to a woeful ignorance of Kutani painters and potters. There are a few big names, like Kutani Chikusan, Kutani Shozan, and Kutani Yasokichi, that I recognize, but when a Kutani potter I’d never heard of popped up … Continue reading

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Retrospective:Where Has This Guy Been for 5 Years?

The title for this post is pretty self explanatory. Today I’ll answer the question of where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to since I stopped publishing articles and blogs here nearly 5 years ago. I felt my passion … Continue reading

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Modern Containers, Traditional Motifs Part 1

Like bonsai itself, bonsai pottery is filled with classical designs and traditional motifs. Visual motifs like paintings and carvings on bonsai containers often come from famous paintings, poems, and prints. Stylistic motifs like shapes and details(say of the feet, or … Continue reading

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Artist Marks and Hanko-Japanese

These 3 galleries of Japanese, Chinese, and Tokoname Marks represent the sum total of my signature and chop database. There are over 1000 artist marks here, including the lions share of Antique Chinese and Tokoname kilns. I hope this is … Continue reading

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