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Nihon de Hajimete, Part 12: Pottery and Display Journal Part 3

Continuing where we left off, today we take another visit to Shunkaen, Kimura’s garden, and S-Cube, and Yorozuen and check their pottery. So, without further ado: Shunkaen Kobayashi San has one of the most impressive collections of antique and world … Continue reading

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It’s been 2 years since I started this website, in May 2011, and I’m very happy to report that it’s become the go to English resource worldwide for information, edification, and identification of Bonsai pottery. This month marks another milestone … Continue reading

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The 8th JSB Association Pottery Exhibition

Every Year I look forward to the release of images and results from the Japanese Shohin Bonsai Association’s Kobachi exhibition. The exhibition features the work of 50 potters chosen by Mr. Urushibata, showcasing both advanced amateurs and professional bonsai potters. … Continue reading

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Takao Koyo(高雄香葉)

The Kyoto region has had more than its fair share of outstanding potters! In the last two posts, we looked at one of them, Tsukinowa Yusen, and we’ve mentioned Ino Shukuho and Heian Tofujuki before, of course. In today’s post, … Continue reading

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Tsukinowa Yusen Part 2

So, this is part 2 of the masterpiece pottery of Tsukinowa Yusen. Glazed and Unglazed Yusen A typical celadon glazed Yusen, with clean lines and a very thick glaze, which softens the edges quite a bit. Another porcelain unpainted Yusen, … Continue reading

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Tsukinowa Yusen-Part 1

Among painters of bonsai pottery, no one is more well known and lauded than Tsukinowa Yusen. His real name was 加藤護一(Kato Goichi), and he lived from 1908 to 1998. He was born in Gifu, and moved to Kyoto to study … Continue reading

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Table of Contents

A Table of contents for the posts Ive done here on the blog, for easier navigation. Posts About Potters’ Work, or Individual Pots Classical Glazes 1:The Many Faces of Namako Shosekis! Inoue Ryosai Shunka Seizan 3 Bushuan 5 Ino Shukuho … Continue reading


For Sale(NEW! 6/30/16)

Here you’ll find pots, stands, and trees from my collection that are up for sale, check back often I’ll be adding all the time! As always, if there is any potter you’re looking for, or a nice specific type or … Continue reading


The 10th Annual Modern Shohin Container Artist Exhibition, Part 1

Every year I look forward to the images and summary of the Shohin potters exhibition held during Gafu Ten in January and sponsored by the Japan Shohin Bonsai Association. But this year I was anticipating the results something special as … Continue reading

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Nihon de Hajimete, Part 7: Shunkaen and Akiyama San

Next up we visited Akiyama San, followed by Shunkaen and Kobayashi San. Both were great visits! Akiyama San was Peter’s Sempai at Shunkaen, so trips to both nurseries were comfortable and relaxed. I’m sure many of you got to meet … Continue reading

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