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Glazed Pots by Ino Shukuho

The glazed and painted bonsai pots of contemporary Japanese potter Ino Shukuho are some of the best one can find for the money, in the same price bracket as more well known potters Kouyo and Ikkou. His glazed pots are … Continue reading

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The Pottery of Watanabe Kazuhiro(Ikkou)

Watanabe Kazuhiro is a contemporary Tokoname potter.  Both his glazed and unglazed pots are popular, although prices are consistent and very reasonable for the quality.  Born November 13, 1956, the son of famous master potter Watanabe Masami of the Syouzan … Continue reading

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Famous Painters of Sometsuke

In this post I’d like to show several examples from a wide range of my favorite pot painters, both antique and modern. Some of these painters’ works are very well known here in the West, others are more unfamiliar. In … Continue reading

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The Hanko and Rakkan Of Heian Tofukuji

Tofukuji used at least 15 stamps in the course of his career, plus his signature.  Discrepancies in the stamp are often one of the easiest ways to spot a forgery. Some things to look for in comparing stamps for forgeries … Continue reading

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The Unglazed Pots of Heian Tofukuji

While Tofukuji is certainly most famous for the quality, variety, and depth of his glazed pots, his unglazed pots are equally well appreciated, listed in the ranks with the best unglazed potters of Japan. Tofukuji used several types of clay … Continue reading

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