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Shunka Seizan

His real name is “河村 政春” “Kawamura Seishun”. A veteran of more than 40 years as a bonsai grower, enthusiast, and lover, he is especially known for his maples. Seizan began making pots as a hobby 6 years ago. The … Continue reading

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Sano Daisuke

Sano Daisuke was born in 1919, and died in 2000. He began painting small bowls in 1949, and his works are varied, numerous, and unique. For more than a decade, the pots he painted were made by Konno Shinzan, and … Continue reading

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New Pots Up 9/2, Blog Info

I posted up a few more pots and trees today on the “For Sale” page. But I do that all the time. Since I started this blog, just a few short months ago, I’ve gotten nearly 70,000 hits from you, … Continue reading

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