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Shuuiudou Yuraku(秀功堂遊楽)

Today we’ll take a look at painted pots by Shuuiudou Yuraku. He was born in 1953, and died in 2001. Yuraku was exposed to the work of Tsukinowa Yusen early in his career, at age 30-1983, during the boom of … Continue reading

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American Owner to show at Kokufu Ten 2013

For the last couple of shows, American Bonsai collector Douglas Paul of the Kennet Collection has shown trees in the most prestigious Japanese Bonsai Exhibition, Kokufu Ten. I believe he’s had 3 trees accepted into the show. This year, another … Continue reading

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Small Display with Scroll for the New Year

Recently, a friend came by to pick up an antique Chinese pot I had sourced for a Kuromatsu for him, so, since it was still pretty close to the New Year, I used the opportunity to set up a shohin … Continue reading

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Kiln Openings I’d Buy Tickets To

I’ve seen much recently about kiln openings here in the states being great events, and the best place to get first dibs on a potter’s work. Notably, Ron Lang holds kiln opening events, and I’m sure they’re great…such an event, … Continue reading

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Shohin and Mini Maple move to eBay

A shohin Momiji and a mini Momiji up for sale on the “For Sale” page. Prices reduced on a few pots as well…need to make room for a big ole shipment of painted pots…Gekkous, Issekis, Kousekis, and Hikosanjin. update I’ve … Continue reading

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The 2012 Kobachi Exhibition

Every year I anxiously await the photos from each Shohin Bonsai Kobachi Exhibition. It’s an exhibition where modern potters who specialize in small pots, both very well known and relatively unknown, pro and talented amateur, show their current work and … Continue reading

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Okamura Sozan(奥村宗山)

Okamura Sozan(奥村宗山) was born in 1916, and his real name was Soichiro Okamura(奥村宗一郎). He was responsible for the restoration of the Koto Hikone feudal kiln(湖東彦根藩窯), and to the best of my translation skills, would have been the 15th or 16th … Continue reading

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