Recommended Links and Sites

Last Update: 1/14/2014

Masahiko Kimura’s famous Shinpaku.

Here are a few of my favorite recommended sites for Bonsai, pottery, and all around tree info.
Bonsai Sites and Blogs
Pottery Info Sites
A great site for ID of western pots:
Tokoname Stamps from the current catalog:
Bios of some of the most famous Japanese Potters:
Featured pots and potters from last years Kobachi exhibition:
A general resource guide to Japanese pottery, regions, styles, and techniques:
Kutani Pottery Information:
The most focused:
The most used internationally:
Show Sites and Japanese Nursery Photos
Species Guides and Techniques
Pine Fundamentals:
Air layering:
A guide to the articles printed in Bonsai Today:
A guide to the various Satsuki cultivars:
The Sidao technique:
A basic guide to the leaf shape and size of Japanese Maple Cultivars:
Japanese Bonsai Nurseries and Reputable

Toriumi and Happy Bonsai

Jaunce and Buyee: Caveat! Do Not Buy there. Rife with forgeries, poor, mislabeled and cracked merchandise. Fees are outlandish. Buyer Beware. These sites are a scam!

Asahi Bonsai


2 Responses to Recommended Links and Sites

  1. Hi Ryan,
    What a truly inspirational Site — is your pot interest strictly confined to Japanese pots or do you also consider pots from the kilns of Western potters?

    • japanesepots says:

      It’ll take you a while to get through to this post, if you’re new:-). So scroll down to the Pots from My Collection section and check out “Collection 10: Western Potters”
      I like quite a bit of the work that Western potters do. The purpose of this site, though, is to provide information on Japanese and Chinese pottery that is sorely lacking in the west, leading to criminal price gouging and disappointment. That being said, you can send me some of your fine bonsai pottery any time, it won’t get chucked in the bin, I assure you 😉

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