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Shunka Seizan 3

This will be the third installment of posts on the great contemporary potter and painter Shunka Seizan, who has recently won several awards and continues to amaze me with his diverse talents.  From post 1: “His real name is “河村 … Continue reading

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Bushuan 5

Shigeru Fukuda is one of my favorite contemporary Japanese potters, and has been featured numerous times on the blog.  For previous posts, click here: Bushuan Posts.  He is quite famous in Japan, although not because of bonsai and pottery.  He’s … Continue reading

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Ino Shukuho, Part 2

Ino Shukuho is a legacy of 3 generations of potters, each with different styles and techniques.  The current Shukuho, Ino Yoshiki, was born in 1943.  His father, Ino Kiichiro, was a purveyor for the Imperial Houshokd, and was close friends … Continue reading

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21 Questions for Kawauso Pottery and the Talented Roy Minarai

I started out thinking I was going to do an article about Kawauso Pottery(aka Roy Minarai on Facebook), but the interview stands well on its own. So, here it is in its entirety, along with a selection of Roy’s containers. … Continue reading

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