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The 9th Annual Shohachi Ten

I always look forward to the publication of the pictures and results of the annual 現代小鉢作家展(Modern Small Pot Creators Exhibition). Coinciding with Gafu Ten, the largest Shohin Bonsai show in Japan, in January, the exhibition includes 50 potters chosen by … Continue reading

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Trees Go Up For Sale On Facebook

A close friend of mine recently found out that he has pancreatitis. It’s severe, and he needs some pretty expensive procedures. He has no other way to come up with his deductible other than selling off some of his best … Continue reading

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GNOBS, Guy Guidry, and Bald Cypress

Late last year, in an effort to broaden my collection and knowledge towards native American species, I signed up for a bald cypress workshop with Guy Guidry, and joined the Greater New Orleans Bonsai Society. The workshop was quite enjoyable. … Continue reading

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Heian Shouami(平安昭阿弥)

In contrast to the last article dealing with the highly refined and detailed work of Kutani Ikko, in todays article with deal with the whimsical and playful painted pottery of Heian Shouami. The first generation “Shouami”(昭阿弥), whose given name was … Continue reading

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Kutani Ikkou part 2(or, The Best Co-op Ever!)

Okay, so maybe “The Best Co-op Ever!” is a bit of hyperbole. But, when I saw this two pot set from two of my favorite artists, I almost fainted dead away. The two pot set, and the signature and stamp … Continue reading

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