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Nihon de Hajimete, Part 5: Fujikawa Kouka En, Yoshoen, and Miura Baijuen

The next morning had us up bright and early to visit Fujikawa Kouka-en. If you’re reading this blog, chances are good that you’re a hobbyist advanced enough to be very familiar with Fujikawa San, the nursery, and the wonderful videos … Continue reading

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Nihon de Hajimete, Part 4: Koju En, Kyoto Temples, and Yamataen

Hello all! It’s been awhile! It seems it’s taking ten times as long to finish up writing about our trip to Japan as at has actually going! Between work and a problem with my trees(while I am a pot guy, … Continue reading

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Nihon de Hajimete, Part 3: Shinpukuji Temple and Aichien

Sorry for the delay! Hopefully I can finish up 3 more posts before the weekend rush! So, let’s pick up where we left off… Shinpukuji Temple After our visit to Daijuen, we visited Shinpukuji temple, where the head abbot grows … Continue reading

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Nihon de Hajimete: Part 2, Taishoen and Daijuen

Taishoen The next Leg of the trip saw us visiting Urushibata San and Taishoen. There are a mad amount of awesome shohin, Chuhin, and Omono bonsai at Taishoen, and it’s definitely a nursery not to be missed! A few large … Continue reading

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Nihon de Hajimete:Part 1, Kaede Bonsai En, Shofuen, And Yamatoen

Kaede Bonsai En Before our flight out to Japan, I took advantage of the(extraordinarily rare for a Chef like me) time I forced off to spend a day at Kaede Bonsai-En, with the organizer of this little adventure, Matt Ouwinga. … Continue reading

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Nihon de Hajimete, or, Busting the Japanese Cherry(Prelude)

Japan: It’s every Bonsai fanatic’s dream. While I’ve been doing Bonsai for 6 years, it’s only in the last 3 that I’ve become serious about the art. From the first images I saw of Japanese bonsai in Kokufu albums and … Continue reading

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