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Okatani Zeshin Part 3

A while back, we looked at several pots from the master of surreal and interesting carved miniature pots, Okatani Zeshin. I received a lot of feedback and mail on those posts, so I’ve been putting together a few more pots … Continue reading

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Born in 1940, Shigetoshi Yamada makes and paints pots under the trade name Shun(俊). He started creating bonsai as a hobby in 1975, and first began making pottery at a Fuji City Museum pottery class in 1992. By 1995 he … Continue reading

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Glazed Pots by Heian Tofukuji 4

Heian Tofukuji is considered the epitome of Japanese style and taste for bonsai potters. Perhaps no one has been more influential in the development of contemporary Japanese style of bonsai pottery. We’ve looked at him a great deal before on … Continue reading

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The full name of his kiln is 久保田彦山人(Kubota Hikosanjin), and he was born 久保田信彦(Kubota Shingen) in 1933, in Chiba prefecture. Hikosanjin has been painting and making bonsai pots since the 1970’s and is especially well known for painted celadon and … Continue reading

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Painted Pots from Shunka Seizan(Update 5/11)

A while ago, I posted pots from my collection of Shunka Seizans. The original post can be found here: Shunka Shozan(駿河政山) They were all kiln change glazes, very Tofukujiesque. Around 6 months ago, painted pots from this talented potter began … Continue reading

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Heian Kouzan(平安香山)Part 2

My apologies to everyone who received this post earlier today in error. Hit the publish key instead of the draft key! All too easy to do on a phone! Now for the real post! In Part 1 of our look … Continue reading

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