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From My Collection 14: Antique Chinese

So here we’ll take a look at some new Antique pots gracing my shelves from China. Up first we have a stamped, unglazed cloud footed rectangle with lip, Huruwatari(middle crossing period, 1800-1911). This pot is shudei. Unlike more recent red … Continue reading

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From My Collection 13: Glazed and Unglazed

In this post we’ll take a look at glazed and unglazed pieces I’ve added to my shelves since collection post 11. A fantastically glazed, lipped rectangle from the Bushuan top shelf line of pots. Its no secret to longtime readers … Continue reading

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From my Collection 12: Painted Pots

It’s been awhile since I did a full collection post, so I’ve added quite a few nice little pieces since “11”, so I’m going to have to split them up into 3 posts, painted pots today and glazed and unglazed … Continue reading

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Shohin Bonsai Around My Garden 2

So, In the midst of repotting over the last week, I took the time to snap the annual spring progress photos of my bonsai, and figured I’d share. Itoigawa Shimpaku Cascade on a quick makeshift lace rock stand(due for a … Continue reading

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So, I’ll preface this post by saying that I had a devil of a time finding information about this potter, and the reason why should become clear! I was pretty sure I had all my ducks in a row, but … Continue reading

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Gold Accented Fujikake Yuzan

I found this Fujikake Yuzan pot on the excellent Japanese blog of Takayuki Miyamoto, second generation proprietor of Miyamoto En, and a well respected appraiser and collector of famous shohin pots. Made when he was 50 years old(1986) to commemorate … Continue reading

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WTF! Spring!? And Kokufu Ten.

Last year was an El Niño year, so the unseasonably warm and early February arrival of spring wasn’t very unexpected to me. I waited through February, March, and early April on tiptoes, ready to rush out and protect the trees … Continue reading

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