Glazed Pots by Shigeru Zyubei

Shigeru Zyubei is a potter from Osaka, Japan.  Virtually unknown here in the United States, and not very well known in Japan either.  Despite this, I think his pots are sublime; with gorgeous glazes reminiscent of Tofukuji, Aiso, Shukuhou, Ikkou, and Kouyo.

Very special thanks go to Rie Aketo and the good people at Yoshoen for their kind permission to use images of Zyubei pots.

17cm. Copyright Yoshoen

A lovely Drum pot with the super thick glaze that the best Zyubei pots exhibit.  I love the two drips on either side of the front foot, perfectly level with the foot bottom.  The blue streaks of glaze throughout appear as if lightning in a dark sky.

10.4 cm. Copyright Yoshoen

Another drum with a similarly masterful blending of glazes.  the drips on bottom of this pot are asymetrical, so it’s not as appealing to me as others, but still very nice.

11cm. Copyright Yoshoen

Blues and greens combine on this rectangle with crazy thick glaze.  This pot calls to my mind the best pots of Kouyo and Youzan.

11 cm. Copyright Yoshoen

The running glaze on this pot, pooling around the base of the feet, rounding them, is just wonderful.  Ive never seen a technique like this used.  In addition to the use of glaze drips as additional feet, or foot details, this is another technique I think unique to Zyubei pots.  In an art form as old and understated as bonsai pottery, it is always really nice to see innovation and invention.

14cm. Copyright Yoshoen

A more classic style pot, with a much thinner green glaze than previous pots…no less pretty for that though!  The green in this glaze has real depth and quality, the crackle is nice, and the outward facing feet are very well done.

11.5 cm. Copyright Yoshoen

A tall rectangle with an interesting red glaze.  Real depth and quality to this red, I think red and yellow glazes are often too bright and pure on Japanese pots, and too muted and mottled on American and EU pots.  This a nice median, not too bright and overstated, not so mottled it appears brown.

10.4 cm. Copyright Yoshoen

Really interesting mix of matte blues, greens, and whites in a very thick glaze.  Like an abstract expressionist painting, this pot is strangely hypnotizing to me.

14 cm. Copyright Yoshoen

White and black glaze mixed and swirled.  I am sure I am not the only one who this pot calls to mind marble and stone.

17cm. Copyright Yoshoen

Another red glazed pot with various other colors.  Leopard?

15 cm. Copyright Yoshoen

A soft bag style celadon glaze and nice flowing feet.  Another more classically glazed and styled pot, but very well executed.  The celadon green has great depth and fine coloring.

14.5 cm. Copyright Yoshoen

A tall six-sided Drum pot with really thick glaze.  Dark and brooding, another pot that recalls some of the darker glazes and drums of Tofukuji.

Zyubei Inexpensive Chop

Zyubei Chop seen on Higher Quality Pots


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