A problem tree

So here’s a problem tree. As it stands, the style is alright, sort of windswept dealie. But with that great old twisted trunk, with the live veins swirling around as they do, I think it could be much better. Any suggestions?

There are only 2 branches emerging from the trunk. The top layer of foliage all comes off one leggy branch. The bottom two layers come off one very straight, very uninteresting, very very leggy branch. I’ve been working all season to push back foliage for the restyle, and it’s getting there. Lots of new foliage on the interior, mostly crotches.
What shall I do? I’ll update after the restyle. Here are a few more photos from all sides.






About japanesepots

I've been collecting Japanese Bonsai pots for a few years, and feel that the famous, and some of the lesser known but great Japanese pot artists could do with a little more writing and exposure in English. Additionally, this blog will feature My own And others bonsai for discussion. The purpose of this blog is to further knowledge of Japanese pottery and Japanese style bonsai. If you have any questions about Japanese bonsai pottery, or would like to acquire pots by some of the potters presented in the blog, feel free to email me at gastrognome@aol.com
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