The 2012 Kobachi Exhibition

Every year I anxiously await the photos from each Shohin Bonsai Kobachi Exhibition. It’s an exhibition where modern potters who specialize in small pots, both very well known and relatively unknown, pro and talented amateur, show their current work and the direction their pottery is going. If you look closely, you can begin to see emerging trends of popularity and appreciation, when certain potters are given the chance to show multiple works after winning one of three awards.
In 2010 Shunka Shozan had 6 pots up on display, as did Shigeru Fukuda of the Bushuan kiln, both potters I’ve posted about quite a lot here on the site(I have an admitted addiction to both). In the 2012 show, I was happy to see some pots from Shigeru Zyubei, another favorite who I posted about well over a year ago, it’s nice to see that he’s getting more recognition than just mine(I don’t think he showed his better work at this exhibition though, unfortunately).
Many expected potters were showcased, Koyo Juko, Gekkou, Shihou, Eime, but I was surprised that some were not, notably, Ikkou and Tonyo.
Newcomers whose pieces I enjoyed seeing especially were 土筆窯(DoHitsu Kiln, 9 pots showcased including some with Demon feet, and others with interesting glazes) and the son of Owari Yuho(last potter on the list).
Have fun looking through this years exhibition, and follow the link below, I think Urushibata San planned an interesting one!

2012 Shohin Bonsai Pot Exhibition

Bushuan, Shigeru Fukuda

Koyo Juko

Owari Yuho


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  1. Brian VF says:

    Wow, love those Koyo Juko dragon pots!

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