Kutani Aritomo

Kutani Aritomo was born in Hokkaido in 1984, making him 31 years old this year.   Once we take a look at his work, you’ll see that that is very relevant.

Aritomo earned degrees from the Hokkaido University of Education in Arts and Culture, and the Ishikawa Prefectural Kutani technology Training Institute, in 2006 and 2008, respectively.

His work at the IshikawaPrefectural institute and personal home work earned him his independence(as an apprentice would earn) in 2008.

His works are both unique, and classical, and use primarily the Akae and go-Sai that Kutani Yaki is famous for.

Now, on to the pots!


Aritomo’s Silver medal award entries in this year’s Pottery Exhibition at Gafu Ten.   Great diversity of form and subject.

The Demon footed pot above.  Outstanding detail and crisp painting.   



A few views of the oval from the show.  Again, wonderful landscape painting and very fine line work.  The flower motif encroaching from the side is original and a great, unique detail.




The round from the show.  Another excellent piece with marvelous and small details.  





A few views of another fantastic oval.  The five color flower motif encroaching from the side is gains spectacular.





Four sides of another impressively detailed rectangle.  Great use of negative space creates a tranquil landscape.





Another marvelous Akae rectangle.  The shading really creates a sense of depth.


A heavily detailed 5 color landscape.  The small details in this piece are marvelous, and the rim and feet details really make the pot.



A tall cascade with an Akae landscape. Great details and depth.


Last up, two views of another cascade or semicascades round.  The shading and perspective creates great depth, as in the above pieces.  Truly a masterpiece.

I hope you’ve enjoyed This look at up and coming master Kutani Aritomo!

Next up, Kutani Ikko part 4!

Thanks for reading!  


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I've been collecting Japanese Bonsai pots for a few years, and feel that the famous, and some of the lesser known but great Japanese pot artists could do with a little more writing and exposure in English. Additionally, this blog will feature My own And others bonsai for discussion. The purpose of this blog is to further knowledge of Japanese pottery and Japanese style bonsai. If you have any questions about Japanese bonsai pottery, or would like to acquire pots by some of the potters presented in the blog, feel free to email me at gastrognome@aol.com
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5 Responses to Kutani Aritomo

  1. I love his take on classical landscape painting-truely magnificent!

  2. Danny King says:

    Wonderful pots .Is there a website for this Artist ?

  3. thomdec says:

    Beautiful work.. I haven’t seen such detail and design carried through down to the bottom of/and the footed pots. Outstanding artistry.

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