WTF! Spring!? And Kokufu Ten.

Last year was an El Niño year, so the unseasonably warm and early February arrival of spring wasn’t very unexpected to me. I waited through February, March, and early April on tiptoes, ready to rush out and protect the trees from that late frost that never happened; and I empathized wholeheartedly with my Northern friends, like Bill Valavanis, for whom the other, wintery shoe did drop, repeatedly…
This year appears to be the same deal in my garden, despite the lack of El Niño. My bonsai seem to believe its spring, so begins a mad rush to repot and work much earlier than expected. Here’s hoping my maples don’t see their shadows, a la Puxatawny Phil, and it will be smooth sailing with no hard freezes from here out!

Cigar like buds extending on a Miyasama Kaede

On a different(and more winter worthy note) Kokufu Ten is this week, and all over Facebook, blogs, and YouTube you can see footage, photos, and commentary. I’ve thumbed it all, and I recommend nothing more than Peter Warren’s Saruyama blog for the day by day(and blow by blow to Peter’s constitution) of the haps at the green club and the exhibition. There aren’t as many pictures as other spots, but the narrative, inside professional track, and commentary(and the damn humor, man! The humor!) is a step above anything else you’ll read about the goings on in Bonsai Japan at this peak time. Peter’s blog manages to be very personal and very objective simultaneously, no mean feat, that. Check it out, and keep up the good work, Trev!
Saruyama Bonsai:The Blog of Peter Warren
this advertisement not paid for by Saruyama bonsai, Trev, or it’s affiliates
This week finds me hard at work on trees, so a few minutes here and there to publish pottery ramblings AND get paid to Chef it up are difficult to come by and hard won. Later today Ill finish up a post about a 20 carat gold accented Yuzan, and I’ll be posting up a new Pots from my Collection post in the next day or two, featuring some killer new acquisitions for my collection from supa big names and blog favorites Miyazaki Isseki, Ito Gekko, Sanshu Ichiyo, Bushuan, and Heian Kozan, along with a couple of Patina laden Antique Chinese Pots. Also working on finishing a “Shishimaru” post and a “Takao Koyo” post(with the help of Koju En and Masumi San, thanks!)…, stay tuned!
A few teasers from upcoming posts:

ShiShimaru pot with its own built in root stand. Too cool.

Takao Koyo’s excellent painting, glazing, and clay skills

My new Isseki…had for a song. Probably the most expensive pot I own!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow with a new post!


About japanesepots

I've been collecting Japanese Bonsai pots for a few years, and feel that the famous, and some of the lesser known but great Japanese pot artists could do with a little more writing and exposure in English. Additionally, this blog will feature My own And others bonsai for discussion. The purpose of this blog is to further knowledge of Japanese pottery and Japanese style bonsai. If you have any questions about Japanese bonsai pottery, or would like to acquire pots by some of the potters presented in the blog, feel free to email me at
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