Gold Accented Fujikake Yuzan

I found this Fujikake Yuzan pot on the excellent Japanese blog of Takayuki Miyamoto, second generation proprietor of Miyamoto En, and a well respected appraiser and collector of famous shohin pots.
Made when he was 50 years old(1986) to commemorate the middle of his life, this Yuzan dragon pot is something really special, as the accents of the dragons’ eyes and the pearl he grasps are 20 carat gold! Gold is often used in thread crack repair for very expensive pots, but this is the first time I’ve seen it used as a part of the pot’s original design.

The gold is used on only one of the two eyes of the Dragon, as if caught by sunlight and glinting. The painting of the dragon is well done and lifelike, and there is a very nice patina for only having been around 25 years. Note that while the porcelain is developing some patina, the gold is still as bright as the day the pot was made!
Most Yuzan are under 5″, so at 7″ this piece is at the top of Yuzan’s range.


An angle view for size of gold coin “pearl” and a close up.

Rounding off this special commemorative pot is Yuzan’s full signature, and “Yuzan Made” stamped in gold on the bottom.
Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed seeing this unique Yuzan!


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I've been collecting Japanese Bonsai pots for a few years, and feel that the famous, and some of the lesser known but great Japanese pot artists could do with a little more writing and exposure in English. Additionally, this blog will feature My own And others bonsai for discussion. The purpose of this blog is to further knowledge of Japanese pottery and Japanese style bonsai. If you have any questions about Japanese bonsai pottery, or would like to acquire pots by some of the potters presented in the blog, feel free to email me at
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4 Responses to Gold Accented Fujikake Yuzan

  1. bonsaijapan says:

    What a stunning pot. I shudder to think what its worth. pots i can only dream of.


    • japanesepots says:

      Definitely worth a chunk Joe! I’d guess $2,000 retail. Most expensive Yuzan I’ve seen was nearly 10 grand, but that was super early work with much better painting…no gold though!

      • bonsaijapan says:

        Is that all? $2000 is a lot for a pot but it is right in the tempting zone……. Good thing the bonsai budget is blown…..

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