Glazed Pots by Zyubei 2

I did a post featuring pots by Zyubei nearly 2 years ago, and got a lot of feedback on his pots, even some requests to procure a few! So, I figured the time is right to show off the work I’ve seen from him since then. You can see the original post, on the first handful I showed, here:
Glazed Pots by Shigeru Zyubei
His name is 濱田 重章(Shigenori Hamada) and his kiln named Hin Zyubeiei though his pots are commonly referred to simply as Zyubei. He was born in 1946 in Osaka and began creating shohin bonsai in 1972. By 1973, he was teaching classes in shohin at Shunshoen. In 1981, he began making bonsai pots, and purchased an electric kiln in 1989. After retirement in 2009, he began making bonsai pots professionally.

Yamabudo, or Wild Mountain Grape, a species used occasionally for shohin bonsai in Japan, in a Zyubei rectangle, just beginning to leaf out today. The thick, running glaze in purples and blues and reds will match well when it fruits this year.

A round riveted drum from my collection with a fantastic running glaze, a single drip positioned directly between the feet. It’s easy to see from pots like this the influence of Antique Canton Ware on Zyubei’s style.

Another deep green-blue glazed round from my collection, shot through with lightning bolt hints of white. The blue in the drips to the bottom of the glaze is especially nice.

A mottled red and brown rectangle with very thick glaze, shot through with white.

A very light blue glazed rectangle. There is a great sense of depth and warmth to this light blue glaze, much like the light blues of Tofukuji, or the best Kinyo glazed antique Cantonese pots.

Another marble glaze in red and white. The thick glaze pooling around the feet is pretty spectacular!

Another light blue glazed rectangle, this one showing many layers of blue and white.

A deeper blue rectangle. This one is very much like the most common blue glazes one sees in Antique Chinese Canton ware.

A classic rectangle bag shape with lip, in a very nice, rich green.

Another marble style glaze, this one showing rich dark and light greens, shot through with white.

A lighter blue glazed riveted drum. The slightly darker shades of blue in the glaze give it great depth.

Lastly, from the 2012 JSBA Kobachi exhibition, a pair of Zyubei, one a riveted cascade with 6 sides, the other a light blue glazed oval, in a glaze similar to the drum above.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a little more of the work of Shigeru Zyubei. Thanks for reading!


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I've been collecting Japanese Bonsai pots for a few years, and feel that the famous, and some of the lesser known but great Japanese pot artists could do with a little more writing and exposure in English. Additionally, this blog will feature My own And others bonsai for discussion. The purpose of this blog is to further knowledge of Japanese pottery and Japanese style bonsai. If you have any questions about Japanese bonsai pottery, or would like to acquire pots by some of the potters presented in the blog, feel free to email me at
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  1. Brian VF says:

    Wow, those are some killer drippy glazes. So many pots, so little dough!

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